Ohr Fellowships High School Program

For High School Juniors and Seniors who are ready for thought-provoking Jewish learning. The best part is....YOU GET PAID FOR COMING!

The Ohr Fellowship main learning event occurs weekly throughout the school year on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 – 9:45 PM. Smaller groups of students gather another night per week for an optional 2nd evening of study. Students that are punctual to the program receive a weekly stipend and are entered into a raffle for fantastic cash prizes.

To be eligible for the program, a student must apply by sending an email to arichmond@jecsfl.org

JEC Ohr Fellowships is a unique program that involves the entire Boca Raton, North Miami Beach, and Miami Beach community. Students from all walks of Jewish life join dedicated members of the community to study Torah every week. Students form a greater connection to the Torah and Mitzvot with the friendly guidance of their mentors.



Ohr Fellowships Application

Please click on the subject title to download the source material from the 2015/2016 year:

Kol Isha” – 05/17/2016

Estate Disputes” – 05/10/2016

Lottery Mistake” – 04/12/2016

Slander To Save Oneself” – 04/05/2016

Talmud Torah vs. Kibud Av Va’eim” – 03/29/2016

Free Will” – 03/22/2016

Yihareig Vi’al Yaavor” – 03/15/2016

Insanity Plea” – 03/01/2016

Catching A Thief While Causing Damage In The Process” – 02/23/2016

Yarmulkahs” – 02/09/2016

Magic/Hypnosis” – 02/02/2016

Jew Walks Into a Bar” – 01/26/2016

Stealing To Save a Life ” – 01/19/2016

Loshon Harah” – 01/12/2016

Revenge” – 01/05/2016

Arrogance” – 12/29/2015

Headlines – Shooting Down a Hijacked Plane” – 12/22/2015

Free Rent or Not” – 12/15/2015

Chanuka: Using an Electric Menorah” – 12/08/2015

Work Performed On Shabbos” – 11/24/2015

Eavesdropping” – 11/17/2015

Plastic Surgery” – 11/03/2015

” Nidrei Tzeddkah”  –  10/27/2015

2016/2017 Topics

Week 1 – Causing others to sin

Week 2 – Rosh Hashana symbolisms

Week 3 – Determining liability with multiple damagers

Week 4 – Can a Jew work as an undercover Police Officer

Week 5 – Are you responsible for damage done by your child?

Week 6 – Saving a life while breaking the Sabbath

Week 7 – Indirectly assisting in violating the Shabbos